About us
Lefkada-travel is the local largest real Estate agency but it is also a family bussiness.
Lefkada Travel is uniquely positioned and provides a full range of residential property services and we pride ourselves on delivering a professional and personal service at all times. One of the key differences between us and other real estate agencies is our ability to provide end-to-end services to our buyers.
We build on the concept of the strong links between luxury travel and real estate by building relations with our travel partners to create bespoke inspection trips to properties we are marketing, assisting buyers with their travel needs and providing destination experiences to help buyers decide where to buy through understanding the lifestyle benefits particular destinations have to offer.
The business focuses on core prime real estate markets around the south of Lefkada which represent safe places to invest and our portfolio includes some of the finest properties on the market, in exceptional locations. Our portfolio includes urban locations appealing to both investors and those looking for primary residences in established high end holiday destinations.
With years of professional real estate experience and a local network of partners, our team can help you find your perfect property, whether you are looking for an idyllic beach villa, remote piece of land or chic pied-à-terre.

We treat our clients as friends, and every property and transaction as if our own.

Additional purchase costs
Please note that this information is just a guideline and we can’t guarantee for!
  • Up to 2% of a lawyer's fee
  • Approxm. 2,3% notary fee incl. expenses for registry
  • 3% estate agent fee
  • The purchase tax is 3%

Building regulations
Inside townplanning areas there are several restrictions; this may vary from town to town.
  • First 100 sqm: 1,6%
  • Next 100 sqm: 0,8%
  • Next 100 sqm: 0,6%
  • Remaining sqm: 0,4%
  • max: 400 sqm

Outside town plan the minimum size of land is 4000 sqm and you can build 186 sqm
  • > 4.000 sqm: 186 sqm + 0,018%
  • > 8.000 sqm: 258 sqm + 0,009%
  • > 16.000 sqm: max. 360 sqm

Please note that it is for the house, it's exclude cellar, garage, pool, balconies etc.
The distances from the borderlines are 15 m, 30 m from the coast and 10 m from the forest.